I can’t believe it happened!

I have stepped completely out of the box on this one. Launching a blog site for Kingdom believers to share their testimonies of hope, redemption and restoration.

There are so many other blogs all over the web and I was terrified to begin. But glory to God it happened! For months it was on my heart to start a blog or podcast to share my testimony and to have guests share their own. But I kept procrastinating and was consumed by the overwhelming thoughts of doubt. I had to be honest and admit that the doubt was a result of fear. I was afraid of stepping into the unknown and unfamiliar.

Lord knows that I lack the experience in creating and maintaining a blog. But I want to be dedicated to the yes in my heart to be a blessing to those dealing with similar issues as a believer in the Kingdom of God. This blog is dedicated to the ones not ashamed to pour out their heart to the world and share how their relationship with Jesus Christ helps them to grow. So yes I will admit it was a difficult process to start. But Glory to God it happened. So stay tuned and be sure to subscribe future posts and guests! Remember Jesus loves you and I do too!




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