Does your circle believe in your vision?

I was coming back from taking my husband to work and was listening to a podcast. The guest on the podcast was Houston, Texas Rapper Tobe Nwigwe and he dropped some jewels of wisdom. He said “You need to surround yourself with people that believe in your vision”. It caused me to ponder because I find myself getting upset when people don’t understand the vision. It could be a possibility that they don’t believe in the vision. His statement was so deep and profound to me because it takes the pressure off of trying to force people to believe in the vision. There is someone out there that believes in the vision God gave you.

Of course it led to ask myself another question, does my circle believe in the vision? I was so confused on how people near to me were more supportive of other’s vision compared to ours. I know you may be thinking well that is mean that they don’t support you. But after checking myself with the Lord, I realized there is no obligation for anyone to support the vision God gave me. If the Lord gave the blueprint to the vision, he will indeed provide the support and finances to see the vision comes to fruition. So I had to check who I had in mind to help assist in the vision and be open to who God will send our way. It was in that moment that God connected my husband and I with complete strangers. God showed us who believed in the vision and those willing to support. Our close friends began to share our vision with others and connections were made with complete strangers. Our friends willingness to believe in the vision God gave us led to new relationships and partnerships.

I had to agree with Tobe Nwigwe about surrounding yourself with people that believe in your vision. God will send people that believe in the vision and be dedicated even at the grass roots level of the process. I pay attention to the people that are with us while the foundation is being built and those that only appear when it begins to bear fruit. It is crucial to seek God’s face about your circle and ask if they believe in the vision he gave you? Once you learn if they believe or not, don’t be angry or bitter with them. Some people may only play a small part in the process and honor them for their respective places in the journey. God will send the right people that will honor and believe in the vision. Also he will send people that you can trust with the vision he gave you. So beautiful people stay committed to the vision and keep building in the Kingdom of God.



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