Latoya Washington, Author of Broken Vessels


Latoya Washington, born in the city of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, raised by her biological mother Veeta Bonner and stepfather Jimmie Bonner. As a child, she would write short stories, poems and would use words to encourage her peers. Whenever she faced a roadblock or obstacle, she would use a pen and paper to help her persevere. She would take the blistering winds of life and write it on paper. After experiencing abuse, homelessness, rejection, loss and near death, she used each experience to encourage others through her writings.

God began to deposit words not only for short stories, but blessed her creativity to write songs, sermons, plays, and children’s stories. Latoya continues to write and allows the Lord to guide her pen. Latoya hopes each poem in this book, shows how the love of God helped her to push through the vicissitudes of life. Though each circumstance tried to smother and choke the seeds of love that God deposited in her. She continued to blossom and rise above the ashes, remaining genuine and unique, as a concrete rose. Broken Vessels will reveal the deep places of the author’s heart and how every struggle was used to help her endure. Latoya shows how Christ’s love and correction helped to bring her complete healing and wholeness. God purified, refined, and defined her into a willing, broken, and open vessel!

Since Broken Vessels was released on July 23, 2020, there have been countless testimonies from readers. Many have expressed how each poem changed their perspective and brought hope in the midst of dead situations. Latoya was encouraged by the feedback from each reader and was led to create Broken Vessels blog and video podcast. She hopes to provide a platform for other believers to share their testimony of hope, redemption and restoration!